Conveyancing Services


• Why use a Conveyancer?

A Licensed Conveyancer is a property law specialist who handles the transfer of property every day and has all of the necessary qualifications to handle all of the legal aspects of your property transfer.  Conveyancers can act on any property transaction in the state eg residential, industrial, rural, vacant land, strata etc.  No matter is too big or too small. 
Conveyancers are also regulated and licensed by the government and are also required to undertake additional education annually in order to meet our Licensing rules and maintain our Licences.  

• Why choose Conveyancing Services?

We are one of the oldest firms still in operation in NSW and have over 100 years combined
conveyancing experience.
At Conveyancing Services we pride ourselves on our connections with our clients.  We are here to help you navigate a detailed and information heavy transaction in a calm and relaxed manner, and in plain english.  Your conveyancer, and our support staff, will always ensure that they act within your best interests and will keep you updated throughout your whole matter to keep your mind at ease.

We know that buying or selling a property can be one of the most stressful times in your life and as conveyancing is all we do, there is not much that we haven’t seen.  We are not involved in other legal matters and your sale, purchase or transfer will be overseen at all times by a Licensed Conveyancer.

We can also arrange appointments in person, via zoom or on the telephone, and have acted for people all over the world.

• How much does it cost?

Buying a Property?

Selling a Property?

• What does the process involve?

Once you have a purchaser we will arrange an appointment to discuss the Contract with you and arrange for you to sign the Contract.  We will also provide a Contract to the purchasers conveyancer and begin liaising with your mortgagee to arrange for the mortgage to be discharged.  Once the purchaser has done everything they need to do, they will then send their Contract to us for exchange and then we move towards settlement.

Once we have received a Contract we will arrange an appointment to discuss it with you and arrange for you to sign the Contract.  At the same time we will liaise with your lender to ensure that your finance gets approved as quickly as possible, as well as ordering pest and building reports as required.
Once finance is approved, reports are done and you have paid the deposit to the agent, you are usually in a position to exchange Contracts and lock the property in! then we move towards settlement.

• What do I do when I want to sell my property?

When you have decided that you would like to sell your property we recommend that you get in touch with your Conveyancer as soon as possible.  The documents required to prepare a legal Contract need to be ordered from various government departments and can take up to a week to receive.  Whilst waiting for the documents to come back we will have you complete a brief questionnaire about the property which we will then use to complete the Contract with all the documents, which will then be forwarded to your agent or choice, or to yourself if you elect not to use an agent.

• What do I do when I find a property I’d like to purchase?

Looking for the right property can be exhausting, so when you find the right one you probably want to get moving quickly!  We can help with that. 
We would recommend that you contact your conveyancer once you have put an offer in on a property and it has been accepted by the vendor through the agent.  This way we can get all your information and the property address and get a file started for you and chase down a Contract from the vendors conveyancer. 


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